Registration of Participants

We provide online Registration for Track & field events, Road races, Race walking events and cross country events. This reduces the errors and makes easy for the organisers to collect a clean and organized data or entry.

  • Participants can easily register online for an event.
  • The participants register online and pay online through a safe process.
  • The complete data of the participants is generated and stored .
Register Online

Marking of Various Grounds

We provide service for complete marking for any sports events. Our team of experts will mark the grounds and the markings for all events as per the guidelines of International / National / State and District Associations as per the level of the competition.

Design & Supply of Customized BIB Numbers

At SMR Sports we design and supply customized BIB numbers on non tearable papers or flex as per your requirement, The customized Bib number are made with clients logo, sponsors logo, Name, Age group of participants, and the events of the athlete participating in a particular meet. Colour coding is done groupwise to easily identify the group.

Designing & Supply of Certificates

At SMR Sports we design and supply all types of Certificates.

Timing the Event

We provide Fully Automatic Photo Finish Timing system for Track events & Electronic Timing System (Transducer) using RFID technology for timing of participants in road races. Timing machine at the start / Finish with mats and sensors at various check points in road races, Bib numbers with RFID chips, LED Clocks are also used.

Production Management

We can provide all Production related items like -

  • Start / finish Gate
  • Stages
  • Backdrops
  • Gazebo
  • Perimeter Brandings
  • Standees
  • Sound system
  • Lights etc.

Supply Merchandise Products

We can supply merchandise items for the events like –

  • T-Shirts
  • Goody Bags
  • Finishers Medals
  • Caps
  • Trophies & Mementos

Affiliation with National/State/District Associations

  • We assist in getting affiliations from National Federations, State Associations / District Associations.
  • Affiliation to the National , State and the District Association makes the event prestigious with recognition from all the governing authorities for a particular sport.
  • The race get listed in the calendars of the concerned federation.
  • The delegates from National / State / District observes the overall conduct of the event and reports to the governing body.
  • Qualified technical officials are deployed for the event who are responsible for the proper conduct and correct results of the events.

Route Measurement & Certification for Road Races & Marathons

  • The route has to be certified by IAAF-AIMS.
  • We assist in the route measurement with the jones meter.
  • We assist in arranging for the certification of route.

Manpower Management

We provide all types of manpower required for the event

  • Volunteers
  • Pilots
  • Security Guards
  • House Keeping
  • Medical Staff etc.

Venue Management

We manage following areas at the venue

  • Holding Area
  • Parking
  • Start / Finish Area
  • Baggage Counters
  • Medal Counters
  • Refreshment Counters
  • Medical Stations
  • Prize Ceremonies
  • Marquee Management (VIP & Elite Athletes)
  • Recovery Zone

Route Management

Route management is managing following points on route

  • Managing Water Stations
  • Energy Stations
  • Sponging Stations
  • Medical Stations on Route
  • Junction Management