We Make Registration Easy

SMR Sport’s easy to use event registration system allows for hassle-free registration, tickets online. Our powerful registration system simplifies the payment process and allows participants to register easily and painlessly through a customized registration form. Participant information is automatically organized allowing easy importing of registration data into the event management software of your choice.

Using SMR sports registration system helps to easily organize your event registration for Track & Field meet, Road races, Race walking events, Cross country events. The software identify the group and gender and lists only the eligible events of the group to be selected thus eliminating the errors of wrong gender or wrong event entered against an athlete.

It provides login Id to all teams so that they can enter the entries and save it. It can be amended or new entries can be added before the team submits the entry.

Accepting Online Payments is a Breeze !

Safe & Secure Online Payment Options

The registrants can pay the entry fees online, which will be passed to the meet organisers after deduction of the taxes and charges applicable. Online payments makes the organisers and the teams job easy and the fees are collected without any complications.